Fortunately, there are things you can look out for to ensure that you choose the right refurbishment contractor for your project. Online reviews and word of mouth each play a part – however, if you really want to know that your builder is up for the job, check that they have accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).


What is CIOB?

The Chartered Institute of Building is an internationally-recognised body for construction management. They provide a whole host of professional and vocational qualifications – from university degrees to basic training – to ensure its members are fully-trained and qualified to perform any construction job.


What does MCIOB stand for?

A Member of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB) will adhere to every standard set by the CIOB. They’ll have all of the relevant qualifications and training and, most importantly, will be fully apprised in the latest health and safety regulations and follow a CIOB Code of Conduct.

To become an MCIOB, you must have the relevant educational requirements and a minimum of three years’ professional experience – or five years if you hold a non-honours degree or equivalent. Applicants must then complete the Professional Review to gain full Chartered membership and the right to call themselves a Chartered builder.


Why use a Chartered builder?

When you use a Chartered builder, you can rest assured that your project will be performed by a fully-qualified, professional builder. This becomes even more important if you’re involved in a commercial refurbishment. Chartered builders are regularly audited by an independent assessor to ensure that their practices remain up to scratch.

To retain their accreditation, a CIOB building firm will have to demonstrate:

  • Competency and professionalism.
  • High business and ethical standards.
  • Commitment to developing a fully-qualified workforce.
  • A significant number of directors that are already Chartered, either with CIOB or other built environment organisations.


Health and Safety

Construction is a potentially hazardous profession. Operating power tools, working at dangerous heights and the strenuous activity involved can pose a very real danger to both the workforce and the general public.

When you choose to work with a Chartered builder, you know that extra provisions are being made to safeguard your commercial refurbishment project. The CIOB health and safety requirements are the most formidable in the industry and the organisation takes an uncompromising view of building firms who are negligent. In short, unless its members demonstrate an ongoing commitment to health and safety, they’ll no longer be able to call themselves chartered builders.

ASF are proud members of the CIOB. When you work with us, you’ll know that the level of professionalism and expertise that we bring to your project will be second to none. To find out more about our MCIOB status, get in touch.