Colour of the year: Mustard Yellow

Embracing pops of colour in your commercial fit out is always a good idea. A bold focal wall can give the illusion of space and send psychological triggers to your employees or client-base.

And this year’s colour of choice is mustard yellow, a hue which conveys feelings of happiness and energy – never a bad thing when you’re trying to run a business.

How to use it? As with any bright colour, yellow should be used as an accent along with more conventional shades. Mustard yellow works particularly well with muted greys, so perhaps paint your walls with the latter while incorporating flashes of yellow with your furniture or wall-hangings.

And speaking of wall-hangings…

Wall-treatment of the year: Geometric, Bold or Textile

It’s official – interesting walls are in. Pinterest has reported a spike in searches for geometric paint (up by 225%), bold print wallpaper (up by 401%) textile art (up by a whopping 1718%).

Pinterest also reported a surge in searches for vertical gardens, so if your space allows, this could provide an eye-catching focal point for your fit out.

How to use it: As with mustard yellow, each of these fearless trends should be used sparingly, as an accent wall or a subtle motif. Textile art or wallpaper has the added bonus of being able to disguise a multitude of sins – so if the walls of your premises are in need of re-plastering, you could save yourself the hassle and add these instead.

Material of the year: Tin

Tin is very much in. On Pinterest, searches for tin-based furnishings are up a whopping 563% – which indicates that this is the material of choice for interiors.

The boost in the appeal of tin is being attributed to the ongoing vintage trend, which shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

How to use it: Tin cladding or light fittings can give your premises that industrial-chic edge that you’re striving for. Otherwise, you could use this material alongside the other great interior design trend for 2019 – cacti – and just add some tin planters to your shop-front.

Flooring of the year: Painted floor tiles

Tearing up floor tiles is a thing of the past. Increasingly, people are opting instead to make-do-and-mend, with Pinterest searches for painted floor tiles up by 1276%.

painted floor tiles

How to use it: This will obviously depend on your current flooring however, if you have floor tiles, consider painting them in a spectrum of bold colours unilaterally to create a floor mosaic.

Design trend of the year: Branded interiors

Your brand should permeate every aspect of your workplace – from the colours on your wall to the logos on your coffee cups. Consistency at every level gives the impression that your brand is at the heart of what you do –starting with your decor.

How to use it: This so-called ‘Google Effect’ suggests that you should incorporate your brand’s colours, fonts and logo in a variety of different ways to impress your company’s unique personality on its decor: think artworks, installations and wall murals.

For more advice about how to incorporate the latest design trends in your commercial fit out, get in touch.