Every time we design lighting for a bar or restaurant, we know how important it is to find the right accent, ambient and task lighting for your business. The details are what matters in every ASF fit out.

But millennials make up the UK’s core diners and as many as 78% say a new experience is an important feature in choosing where to eat. To keep customers coming back, you need your refurbishment to feel fresh, including decor that is on-trend for 2019.

So long Edison light bulbs

The arrival of the LED Edison light bulb changed the landscape of fit-out interiors. Suddenly, they were in every bar and restaurant fit out around.

Why exposed light bulbs are great for bar and restaurant fit outs

  1. Clean lines and an industrial feel keep trend-seeking diners coming back.
  2. Affordable fittings mean your refurbishment company can install multiple lights that create atmosphere on a budget.
  3. LEDs are cheap to run and eco-friendly.
  4. Warm filament bulbs create great ambient lighting for customers.

But what about the glare of a shadeless bulb? Let alone the fact that so many bar and restaurant interiors are beginning to look the same. How long can exposed light bulbs reign on?

Enter diffused lighting for fit-outs

In 2019, there’s a new interior lighting trend that ASF fit-out experts think might just be the next Edison. Flos lighting introduced globe lights, designed by Michael Anastassiades: diffused lighting with minimal globe-shaped shades and clean brushed-brass fittings. These started to pop up in more and more restaurants towards the end of last year and taking a look at a few examples you can quickly see why this atmospheric, clean lighting is perfect for so many interior fit-outs.

Interiors where globe lights are trending

Mexican restaurant Corazón just off Oxford Street uses globe lighting to create a bright and airy space perfect for the quick turnover of its location.

Pastaio, the most recent addition from restaurateur Stevie Parle, serves innovative Italian dishes and uses globe lighting to create an informal dining experience with these soft, minimal diffused over-table pendants.

In contrast to both of these, Sketch, Mayfair’s most eccentric venue, pairs its millennial pink soft furnishings with diffused lighting. Table lamps with globe shades are used sparingly alongside downlighters to give a low-intensity light that is perfect for encouraging guests to spend more time and order that dessert or espresso.

Why ASF – love diffused globe lights

We’ve all been in that bar where you squint at the menu through the dark whilst angling the light from your smartphone screen at what-you-think-is the cocktail list but thankfully ‘cured meats’ turns out to be a starter. Diffused globe lights are a great solution for this and many other problems…

Top 5 reasons globe lights are great for bar and restaurant fit-out

  1. Great for task lighting that helps your staff work and customers read menus.
  2. Frosted shades reduce glare for customers and still act as ambient lighting that sets the mood.
  3. Brighter lighting can overstimulate guests and increase appetite.
  4. Soft, white light helps your customers take a great photo, making your restaurant or bar more Instagrammable.
  5. You can achieve an affordable update to this look by switching your Edison bulbs for opaque oversized globe bulbs.

Including ambient lighting in your fit-out

At ASF, we want to make sure you have a successful commercial fit-out. We believe a bar and restaurant fit-out should feel fresh enough not to date quickly. Our team will work with you to make sure your task and ambient lighting helps you create a space customers will love.

Get in touch to find out more about ASF’s bar and restaurant fit-outs.

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