Like most businesses, you will eventually want to refurbish your premises. You will feel the need to have a good fix-up, clean-up and update different aspects of your space, to make it a more pleasant environment for clients and staff. This might include replacing equipment or furniture. 

Here are six very good reasons why you should consider refitting your commercial premises now.

1 Updating your theme

A commercial refit offers the opportunity to update the theme of your business, or to adapt to current trends. 

In retail and other consumer businesses, it is important to maintain a positive image with your target audience. If you feel your image has become a little stale, then initiating a commercial refit will allow you to refresh, revamp or completely redesign. This can potentially increase the outreach of your business.

2 Quality of service

Quality of service can be linked to the type of equipment that the staff uses. With older equipment, employees might not be able to give your customers the best possible service to industry standards, with the risk they will take their custom to one of your competitors. New equipment and facilities have a positive impact on the quality of service and customer experience.

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3 Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is not often discussed when planning a commercial refit. However, employees notice the difference immediately, as they are there every day. A refurbishment can increase staff satisfaction, as it demonstrates to them that they work for a business that invests in improving their surroundings.

Refurbishments might also reduce inconveniences to employees, such as corridors being too narrow, shortage of storage areas and so on. This can increase productivity and make the work environment more enjoyable for staff.

4 Property value

A commercial refit will often increase the property value of your premises. This is because you are adding substantial improvements, which affect potential future rent or resale. Depending on the industry, this can help you generate more revenue if you decide to rent out the property to another party.

5 Running costs

Depending on the scope of your commercial refit, you might be able to decrease your utility bills. This is because you can use a wide variety of energy-saving materials, which improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs long-term.

6 Legislation

The workplace must be a safe environment for both customers and the workforce. With wear and tear being inevitable in the majority of organisations, a refurbishment will help maintain health and safety legislation standards, lowering the risk of injuries or accidents occurring at the establishment. 

The latest energy laws must also be taken into account. If your premises are not in compliance with energy legislation, you could be liable for large fines.

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