Did you know, retail refurbishment is scientifically proven to increase shopper purchases?

A study in Australia in 2014 proved that a retail refurbishment can lead to an increase in sales of 50%, with much of that revenue coming from new customers.

With the continuing growth in online shopping, retailers must improve and refine their presence and offering on the high street in order to attract new customers and keep loyal clientele interested. While online shopping is obviously convenient, it lacks personal contact, the interaction with products and other aspects of the retail environment such as changing rooms.

Nowadays going shopping is frequently a leisure activity. Therefore, stores must provide their customers with an experience that cannot be replicated online, and is interesting enough to draw them off the pavement and keep them coming back.

A high-quality retail refurbishment is a perfect solution to this challenge, and it has several key measurable benefits to your enterprise.

Enjoyable environment for customers

The design of your retail space makes a huge difference to the experience of shoppers and employees. Whether you have a stand-alone shop, a chain, or a multi-franchise operation, a cleverly-designed colour scheme, ergonomic furnishings and optimal flow and accessibility of the space will have a significant impact.

If customers feel interested, relaxed and engaged within retail premises, they will stay longer, spend more and have a positive impression of your brand. They will typically convey this positivity to others, in person and via social channels, and it will also encourage them to make repeat visits themselves, all contributing to an increase in turnover.

Happier employees

If staff are given consultation as part of stakeholder involvement in the planning of a refurbishment, it gives them a sense of pride and ownership.

They will benefit from a reinvigorated working environment and enjoy the improvements in the space, whether that’s a more spacious shop floor, better staff rooms or easier workflow. And happy employees are the best advertisements for any business.

Improved footfall

A refurbishment brings novelty and excitement to the high street or shopping centre, encouraging footfall from both returning customers and new customers. This translates into more revenue.

Over time, brands and designs can become less visible due to familiarity, so a refreshed store is instantly more noticeable and attractive. A re-energised shop front, displays, point of sale and interior design will bring in more shoppers. Adding points of interest and comfortable traffic flow within the store will encourage them to stay and make purchases.

A newly updated store also improves the appearance and appeal of a whole retail area, raising the tone, bringing in more consumers and encouraging them to visit more frequently and stay longer.

Ask the experts

An excellent retail refurbishment contractor will address every aspect of your plan of work, from minimising disruption and downtime for your day-to-day operations to the smallest detail of paint, lighting and displays.

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