As soon as your client walks into your reception area, they form a vivid first impression of your business. From the front desk to the colour scheme to the layout, every aspect of the interior design is a reflection of your organisation.

Shabby or dated décor is never a good look, but by paying attention to a few key design elements you can completely revamp your office environment. This will make it a more pleasant and productive workspace for you, your clients and staff.

1 Layout

In designing the layout of your office, consider the way you will be using the space, and how that might change. 

A desk should be assigned to each employee wherever possible because people like to have their own space to work. Desks should be placed close enough together that colleagues can communicate with each other while still having some privacy.

2 Furniture

Offices should never feel cluttered, so make sure that all furniture is necessary and works well for its intended purpose, and within the space. Having room to move around easily makes your workspace flow and feel more spacious.

A paperless office is the ideal, but the reality is that very few work environments are run entirely online yet. Cleverly designed, space-efficient and plentiful storage make any office much tidier and less stressful. 

Try to give your business room to grow – if your team expands, will you have space for more desks, storage and so on? This is an important factor in choosing premises, selecting furniture and setting out the floorplan.

3 Lighting

Natural light is the optimum choice for a work environment, lifting energy and mood and boosting productivity, so make the most of any existing windows or skylights. You can boost natural light levels by choosing daylight-similar LED bulbs. 

4 Branding

Your office must reflect your brand, both in simple design terms and in the way in which your company values are represented in this environment.

You can have your logo reproduced on everything from the reception desk, to coffee mugs, to wallpaper and carpets, if that’s the style you prefer. And obviously, your corporate colours can be used in the colour scheme. 

But think deeper. Is your company a slick, modern, high-tech organisation? More traditional and formal? Or is it relaxed, with more of a low-key vibe? Whatever the answer, this aspect of your brand should be reflected in your design choices.

5 Materials

The selection of materials is key in making sure your interior reflects your company’s style and aesthetic.

If you are creating a modern industrial look, consider making a feature of ventilation pipes on the walls and ceilings, and use a stone or linoleum floor. 

For a more natural style, choose wooden flooring, and add plants for decoration. Wooden desks and chairs would add to the effect.

For communal staff spaces, consider if you want to continue the corporate theme throughout, or whether you want to create a different look for areas where staff relax and mingle. 

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