Whether your bar will serve cocktails or coffee, the perfect interior design is one of the most important factors in any hospitality business.

Great design will take into account your aesthetic and create an environment where your clientele will love spending time, and money. It must also be safe and accessible for all customers and staff.

We have put together a few pointers on how to design a truly winning bar that your customers will love.


The theme is key. Whether you are planning a Manhattan-style cocktail bar, a cosy pub or a healthy juice bar, a good fit-out contractor will be able to supply all the fixtures and fittings you need to turn that vision into a reality.


Staff must be able to access and use the bar area to carry out their jobs and serve customers efficiently, optimising customer enjoyment and staff morale. The bar must also be easily accessible for all customers to order drinks and other products. In a nightclub, for example, the bar area should be large enough to accommodate and serve a lot of customers at any given time.


The size of the bar is key. Any bar must be large enough to accommodate the necessary number of bartenders, plus their equipment and ingredients for drinks. 

The average bar top size is around 25 inches in depth (depth and width are interchangeable for bars) and around 35 inches of space behind the bar. These figures will vary depending on the location and use of the bar.

An aspect of sizing that is often overlooked is the height of the bar itself. The

height of the bar will need to be measured, as it influences furniture choices, for example, the chairs around the bar. The average height of a bar is around 43 inches, which is ideal for the general population, as it is not too high or too low for the majority of potential heights.

Customer arrangements

Customer arrangement is a very influential factor in the interior design of a bar.

Depending on the type of establishment, customers will move through the space differently. In a pub or larger restaurant, for example, customers might well expect to be able to sit at the bar, so seating may need to be added to the bar design.


Lighting sets the tone of any bar area. It influences the mood of customers and employees. Making careful choices about the level of lighting around the bar is essential to create the right atmosphere. You need to find a level at which the lights are effective but not overbearing. Lights must be far enough away from the bar top, that it does not interfere with the customer's experience.

Lighting must also fit perfectly with the theme and decoration of the bar – a futuristic design might call for a brightly-illuminated design, while a traditional pub might incorporate lower light levels in the bar area, for example.  

All lighting must also satisfy legal requirements for current lighting regulations.

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