Renovating a commercial building is a large project. Maybe you’re rebranding or expanding. Maybe you’re seeking to refresh and revitalise your commercial environment. No matter the scale or intricacy of the project, there are always many aspects to plan and consider, which can seem overwhelming.

Don’t panic, because we’ve got some handy tips for things you really should consider before starting work on your commercial premises.

What is your reason for the renovation?

Are you aiming to increase footfall with a new design, put your stamp on an existing interior, redesign the layout of the building or add more equipment and facilities? Or all of the above?  Whatever your goals and priorities for your renovated premises, keep them at the forefront of your mind as you start to make plans. 

Will the renovation accommodate your five-year plan?

As your business grows, the things you need from your commercial space will change and evolve. Make sure that the plans for your renovation build in capacity and flexibility for expansion and change, not just for your commercial activity as it stands today. Consider factors such as accommodating potential increases in staff numbers, more space for clientele, additional equipment and so on.

Use a professional team

A commercial renovation project can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. To make the most efficient use of your time and resources and to minimise downtime and impact on your day to day business activity, find a company with demonstrable experience with commercial renovation. 

Check reviews, ask questions and read case studies. 

At ASF, we have extensive experience in all aspects of renovation and fitting out. To find out a little more about what we do, click here. Or check out some of our projects. 

Be flexible

Of course, your plans will be budgeted and scheduled and hopefully, it will all go smoothly. However, preparing for potential delays and unexpected extra costs is vital. Work with your chosen contractor to build in some room for flexibility and adaptation to circumstances, and then you’ll feel more relaxed about the project.

Think about end-users

Whether you’re renovating offices, retail or hospitality environments, you must consider staff’s and customers’ needs. 

Your employees will be working in this environment. They will spend hours here, so they need to feel positive and comfortable in the space. Happy staff are more productive, make a great impression on customers and provide an invaluable positive image for your business. Make sure they have plenty of space to work, dedicated staff break spaces and toilets where possible. Provide spacious areas for productivity and good traffic flow. 

An excellent customer experience is, of course, of paramount importance. From the impression they get from your kerb appeal to their reactions to being in reception or shop spaces, the customer makes immediate and lasting decisions about how they feel about your business. The design and the flow of movement throughout must work for both staff and customers for the best business results.

Need some more tips?

We have years of experience carrying out commercial renovation works. If you’d like to discuss your plans, contact us today for a friendly and informative chat.


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