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Project B


ASF were appointed to upgrade the look and feel of the cafe and bar area in a local restaurant. The objective was to create a fit-out that optimised the space in the converted period building to maximise capacity during busy periods.


Due to the age of the building – a property that’s original purpose was residential over a hundred years ago – the space –now a bar-restaurant – was awkward and not designed to host large numbers of people.

Already an ambitious fit out, Project B had more furniture than the floor allowed and as such could feel busier than it was. While good for atmosphere on a Saturday night and the venue appearing more popular to passers-by, Project B ran the risk of losing money as they were having to turn clientele away due to lack of space. Without the bar and restaurant fit out, Project B was unable to meet optimum capacity during busy periods.

On the subject of space, staff had difficulty navigating the crowds during busier periods. This was cause for concern with regards to health and safety, especially when carrying hot food and drink.

The bar design fitters also needed to consider the venue’s opening times. The bar is open throughout the day, meaning that the artificial lighting would have to be flexible to suit the time of day and complement the mood accordingly.


ASF is one of the UK’s leading, experienced restaurant fit out companies and understands that space is a precious commodity in older buildings. Sensitivity to the architecture and working within the constraints of the building was among the top priorities.

The fit out successfully addressed the venue’s challenges, and space is now optimised thanks to considered planning and functionality. ASF consulted both existing clientele and the staff to identify specific issues, like chairs blocking the way to the staff area, and used this information to influence their solutions. ASF took the opportunity to scope out potential opportunities, like removing the redundant front-of-house area and opening up the entrance to the bar.

Now, the bar is open and the space is efficient. Both staff and clientele can move freely about the bar, even during the busiest periods when at maximum capacity. Accidents and near-misses have massively decreased, thanks to more maneuverability – a byproduct of better-placed furniture.

Finally, mood-lighting helps set the mood depending on the time of day. Lights are bright and natural during the breakfast rush, then minimal during the brighter afternoon and dim and atmospheric during sociable dinner hours.


Since the re-fit, Project B feels so much brighter and more open – it’s made a real difference.” -- Ben Holden

Project B restaurant fit out case study


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