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King George’s Café


King George’s Café needed a new fit-out. The layout was crowded and outdated. They wanted to upgrade the look and feel but they had a combination of space, budget and building constraints that would make it a challenge to bring their vision to life. ASF needed to add some modern features and provide designated seating areas.


The existing café area was out of date and required a rebrand that positioned them as clean and stylish. The new café needed a warm and contemporary feel and had to provide somewhere for staff and customers to enjoy their downtime.


A new floor plan increased seating capacity by 10% without compromising comfort or space. Customers and staff now have the break-out space they need.


We created a brick-slip wall to create the illusion of an original brick wall. The red brick is a naturally warm colour and the texture makes for an interesting feature that contrasts against the mustard-yellow of the serving area. The new feature gives both a traditional and industrial look while being a stylish addition to the café.


“King George’s is more comfortable since the refit. The place feels friendlier and more inviting”

– Katie Dawes


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