In a post global pandemic world with social distancing and specific hygiene measures in place, retailers need to ensure that their customers are feeling safe and comfortable, without having too much of an impact on their overall shopping experience. According to Retail Customer Experience, 74% of UK shoppers have said that they have missed the physical experience of in-store shopping. Now, after a year of online shopping, it is especially important to nail your interiors as the UK high street reopens.

Depending on the type of business you run will help determine which type of layout you consider for your shop. From a grid floor plan to a 3D floor plan, the different options you go for will be influenced by your products. However, ASF list their quick top tips to help retailers make the most out of their interior design to overcome a challenging reopening that the UK high street is facing.

Get to know your customers


A shop is more than just a retail space; it is an immersive experience for the user in which they enter and interact with. It takes time to observe the behaviours of your customers which will enable a real understanding of their shopping habits and interests. Keep a look out for how your customers interact with the space and their main touchpoints, this way you can amend and enhance their experience.


Assume that all of your customers will interact in the same way. Everyone is different and it will take time to analyse their behaviour to then figure out how best to adjust your interiors.

Light bulb moment


Think about more ambient lighting in store based on your products and your desired customers mood. Consider changing your lighting to a warmer colour to help provoke a feeling of relaxation which helps to slow the pace of your customer.


Change the colour of your lighting so drastically that it actually changes the colour of your products.

Covid-19 compliant


Ensure your retail space is Covid-19 compliant, as a large percentage of the UK population has been experiencing post-lockdown anxiety, with 30% of people who were feeling anxious about returning to the shops.


Forget to consider how to minimise queues and crowding at your point-of- sale areas. The customer journey around your shop should be continuous and flowing, consider enough space for people to pass each other in a socially distanced manor and don’t include dead-end pathways.

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