We know how important it is to safeguard workers in the construction industry. That is why ASF Bespoke Developments have become signatories of the Construction Protocol agreement. This groundbreaking agreement was set up by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) to stop labour exploitation and slavery within the industry’s supply chains.


Why Safeguarding Matters in Construction

ASF believe in creating a workplace that is safe and promotes the mental wellbeing of our team. But being in an industry of three million workers, it is crucial our safeguarding policies reach beyond our workplace.

Construction makes use of complicated supply chains and subcontracting models. The complexity and volume of people involved means organisations are not always aware of conditions within their supply chain. This lack of awareness can put workers at risk.  ASF are committed to safeguarding people within the supply chain by working with the GLAA.

How the Construction Protocol Makes a Difference

The GLAA have already been able to stop more exploitation because of the agreement.

A key part of this success is the growing number of companies joining the GLAA’s network. ASF is proud to be a part of the Construction Protocol alongside so many of the industry’s leading organisations. The variety of these organisations also reflects the scale of the supply chain within construction, including:

  • Client bodies.
  • Main contractors.
  • Subcontractors.
  • Recruitment agencies.
  • Industry bodies.
  • Government departments.

The biggest benefit of this growing network is that it encourages organisations to share information. Since the GLAA launched the Construction Protocol, they have received more and more intelligence on exploitation and abuse. This not only allows the GLAA to safeguard the victims but even arrest the individuals exploiting them. Together, we really can improve the industry.

Our Commitment

By signing the GLAA’s Construction Protocol, we’ve agreed to:

  • Work in partnership to protect vulnerable workers.
  • Share information, where possible, to help stop or prevent the exploitation of workers.
  • Work together to manage information sensitively and confidentially.
  • Raise awareness within the supply chain.
  • Maintain momentum through this protocol by communicating regularly.

ASF are excited to be a part of this network and want to help create an industry that truly takes care of its people.

Get in touch to find out more about ASF’s commitment or contact the GLAA to become a Construction Protocol signatory yourself.