If you’re planning a café, restaurant, hotel or bar fit-out, then this guide will show you that it doesn’t have to be a headache. Created by ASF, this ultimate restaurant fit out checklist covers everything you’ll want to consider before starting your project.


Step 1 – Be inspired by your restaurant fit out

First of all, what do you need from your restaurant fit out? A broad question, yes – but we recommend sitting down and really thinking about what you want out of the space. You’ll no doubt want somewhere that’s inspiring, professional and functional but don’t be afraid to go wild with your imagination. Go ahead and brainstorm, make lists and compile colourful mood boards. Also, scope out the competition and see what they’re doing in their venues for inspiration.


Step 2 – Get your team involved

Whether you’re running an independent high street restaurant, a café franchise or in charge of the re-fit of a hotel restaurant or bar, input and ideas from the people who use the space the most will prove invaluable before going ahead with your restaurant fit out. Costs can also be drastically kept down thanks to thorough planning in the initial stages because you’ve taken the time to consider what will and won’t work. Identify your areas of strength and where potential weaknesses might crop up and go from there – these will influence some of your biggest choices. Also, collaboration grants buy-in to your vision and gives the whole team a sense of ownership.


Step 3 – Consider the practicalities of your restaurant fit out

Mood boards at the ready – remember that the key areas of all good restaurant and bar fit-outs are:
  1. Maximising your use of space
  2. Optimising your lighting
  3. Capitalising on all storage opportunities
For a thorough job, make sure you…


Step 4 – Seek advice from restaurant fit out companies

Expert restaurant fit out contractors, like ASF, have years of industry knowledge and expertise. As such, they definitely know a thing or two about what you want and how to best optimise your catering needs better than you probably do. They can identify opportunities and provide industry advice and insight surrounding the practicality of your space while addressing your concerns and bringing your ideas to life.
Top tip: When choosing a fit-out company, go with one that’s recognised by the Chartered Institute of Building – you can be sure that the company have reached the highest standards in quality control. Working with an expert restaurant fit out company means that you’re also getting expertise and support from start-to-finish.


Step 5 – Fit-out cost

Refurbishment contractors will no-doubt be able to help you maximise the most of your refurbishment or re-fit by helping you budget accordingly. In fact, restaurant fit out contractors can provide full oversight by project managing your re-fit entirely, which in itself can help reign in man-hours and excessive spend through appropriate planning ahead of any work taking place.


Step 6 – Tackle your new restaurant fit out

So, the day arrives, you’ve got the designs and floorplans, your fit-out company is project managing your hotel or restaurant fit out and have sorted your materials within an agreeable budget – what now?
ASF and other restaurant fit out contractors will empty the premises and clear the tables and chairs, cover windows and protect remaining furnishings. Good refurbishment contractors will ensure that your restaurant fit out complies with accessibility regulations, as well as supporting your fire standards and safety.


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