Studies have shown that employees are far more industrious when they’re happy and comfortable in their workplace, so if you're thinking of giving your office a facelift you should take this opportunity to update some of the design features too. ASF manage workplace fit-outs all the time and along the way, we’ve picked up one or two clever ideas which every new office should have.

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Sound-proof glass

From sensitive HR meetings to conference calls with your eager colleague, noise volume can create issues, particularly in a small office. Studies have shown that productivity drops by as much as 66% in chaotic, noisy offices. Sound-proof glass in your meeting rooms may provide a solution. Although they won’t muffle all of the noise, this material will reduce the volume to a comfortable level.

Break-out areas

Meeting rooms have their place, but where do you head to if you just need a quick catch up? Break-out areas are becoming increasingly popular in modern workspaces. Perfect for that quick huddle, these open-plan spaces will be sparsely furnished – think a small couch and a ledge for your laptop – and designed to fit into even the smallest of footprints.

Office mezzanines

What if you could double your workspace within the confines of your existing building? An office mezzanine could be the answer. Practical, contemporary and highly chic, a mezzanine can provide valuable square footage, without having to compromise on your open-plan aesthetic.

Surround-sound speakers

You’ll know already that music can be a mood enhancer. But did you know that listening to music can enhance the productivity of your office? There’s a fine line between music which can elicit a positive, problem-solving state of mind, and music which can be a distraction – and this hard limit will depend largely on your company and its employees. However, if your business thrives on the creativity of your team, speakers could be an interesting addition to your workspace.

Blackboard walls

Long gone are the days of cramming your ideas on flip charts and white boards. In today’s office, there’s a growing trend towards painting entire walls with blackboard paint. Stylish and practical, this will quite literally provide a blank canvas for your team.

Add a pop of colour to your walls

Bang on trend, adding your company’s branded colours to various walls around your office won’t only provide an attractive backdrop - it can also bring your brand to life for the members of your team.

Storage seating

Creative storage solutions are never going to go out of fashion in office refurbishments. Our favourite includes made-to-measure storage benches which can be built to fit those awkward corners of your workspace, so no nook and cranny is wasted.

Bring your outside, in

Connecting with nature in your workplace can boost employee productivity by as much as 15%. Think beyond the standard office ficus and explore living walls, large picture windows and shelves decked out with foliage.

Whatever office design you have in mind for your workplace fit-out, ASF can help. Get in touch with our team today or download our guide to the best office layouts.