Knowing how to get millennials to drink in your bar can feel like recruiting unicorns for bar staff. Millennials have the greatest spending power of all the UK demographics but they are more likely to stay in than previous generations. We know how important it is to attract millennials to your bar but it can be tricky to know what this changeable demographic truly wants. Refurbishment contractors ASF have been looking into what millennials want from a bar and restaurant fit out. These are our top quick-fixes for bars, pubs and restaurants, including your interior fit out.

Hygge fit-out interior

It’s your bar versus Netflix for millennials. With so many millennials preferring to drink at home, your bar fit out needs to feel welcoming. The Danish and Norwegian word ‘hygge’ sums this up: make sure your bar has that mood of coziness and comfort. This is everything from your bar fit-out lighting to the comfort of your sofas. Soft furnishings like rugs and cushions can also give your outdoor seating that extra snug factor. ASF pub fitters are experts in creating layouts that will make your millennials glow with that hygge feeling.

Eco-friendly straws

Millennials want to make environmentally-conscious choices. This is a simple way for them to show they care and your straws are an easy way to start showing you care too. It’s not just biodegradable paper straws on offer but longer-lasting bamboo or stainless steel straws. A steel straw can last up to ten years and is dishwasher safe. They might be more of an investment up front but will save your restaurant money in the long run. A straws-on-request policy can also help. Instead of adding straws to every drink, talk to ASF fit outs about where best to position your straw holders to make them an optional extra.

Small-batch alcohol

Caring for the environment also means that millennials love local produce. Your county’s craft beer is a great place to start but adding artisan small-batch spirits will also quench the millennial thirst for new experiences. Or how about offering your own bay-leaf-infused vodka or rose-infused gin? As bar fit-out experts, ASF can help you create bespoke areas to display your infusion spirits.

More than mocktails

Be sure to cater for those experience-loving millennials who don’t want an alcoholic drink. As many as 30% of young people describe themselves as non-drinkers. Mocktails are a must-have but you can really impress your millennials with a selection of non-alcoholic alternatives like elderflower cordials or kombucha, a fermented health drink. ASF can work with you to make sure your bar layout and display boards shout about your non-alcoholic additions.

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